Heart Sparkle: A new phrase to add to your vocabulary

"What’s a heart sparkle?"  "Huh? Heart sparkle?" "Wait… what did you just say?" I often get these three responses when, in the midst of a conversation, I start talking about - you guessed it - heart sparkles. If you’re reading this, you're probably also wondering what exactly is a heart sparkle. Well, allow me to [...]

It’s okay to not be okay

It's really okay. If you google “most common lie told” you get a bunch of pretty similar results. Perhaps the top lie ever told is “I’m good.” “I’m fine.” That everything is okay. When asked “how are you?” or “how has everything been so far?” Lots of people will respond with “Good!” or “It’s been [...]

Perfectly Imperfect

Let me just begin this first Faith post by pointing out that I am an imperfect, flawed human being and my faith is not perfect! Yep, I go through seasons of staleness, where I feel disconnected from God and seasons where I feel incredibly joyful and content. I also go through periods of time where [...]

A Change of Plan

The COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty to the world this year, and nobody could have been prepared for it. Often, in the midst of unexpected negative circumstances my first instinct is to panic. And even though I was raised in a household full of cool, calm and collected family members, it’s always a challenge [...]

New Story

Hey there! Pleasure to have you here with me today. 🙂 Before I get into the nitty gritty of this first post, here are some important things about me that you should know: Yellow is my favorite color.  Hot chocolate is eternally better than coffee ;).  I think Stranger Things is the best television show [...]