Top 1̶0̶, 5̶, 3̶, 𝟸̲ shows to watch in quarantine

I tried really hard to come up with more than two shows for this post, because I thought it’d be cool if I had more a common searchable number like “top threes” and “top fives” and “top tens” but if I’m being real here, I only had two to give you guys because quite frankly, there just weren’t any other shows I’ve watched lately that really sparked my heart. 🤓📺

I chose these two specifically for quarantine because:

  1. The level of emotional attachment you develop from watching these shows will take time to disintegrate. 
  2. You’ll absolutely want to binge them after the first couple of episodes and each episode is quite long, and quarantine offers you that needed time. 
  3. They’re just really really really emphasis on the really great shows, so much so they skyrocketed to my top 3 favorite shows of all time (Comment below if you know what my *favorite* show of all time is ;))

Without further ado, here are the top two shows I recommend watching during quarantine:

1. Crash Landing on You (Netflix)

So personally, I never really watch romance/rom coms. CLOY is a romcom. I’ve binged this show twice in two weeks, and I’m well on my way to the third time ʘ‿ʘ. I want to emphasize here that CLOY is not your typical romcom kind of show. While some of the writing is on-the-nose, the story is captivating as it goes – a paragliding accident caused by a tornado leads a South Korean heiress into North Korean territory where she meets a dashing, handsome captain of the North Korean army who helps hide her and attempts to send her back home. I loved it because the characters are quite reserved but they have flair and personality. One thing the show does a very nice job doing is getting you to care about the characters right from the start (and that’s why it’s incredibly difficult to not binge it; you’ll just want to know what happens next at the end of every hour and 16 minute episode which will lead you to sit in bed for 14 hours watching it………. Huh? What? That totally didn’t happen to me 😅 )  – an incredibly important component of good storytelling. 

2. Itaewon Class (Netflix)

Itaewon Class is another Korean drama. When you google it, the synopsis goes “an ex-con and his friends fight to make their ambitious dreams for their street bar a reality.” I’m not sure any log-line can accurately reflect just how interesting, compelling, and strong this show is. The main reason I recommend it is really because of its phenomenal storytelling structure. Each character is carefully crafted to be unique and different from the other ones, and it’s really hard to not like or relate to them. I found myself rooting for the protagonist when he was achieving his goals and hurting when he was hurting. I think if you can get to that level of storytelling where your audience is immersed into the reality of the character’s world, you’re doing it right. Not to mention you learn some pretty valuable lessons from the entire show that you can apply to in real life, like entrepreneurship, perseverance, and all of that good stuff.

So there you have it – my top two, must watch in quarantine shows (also the first two Korean dramas I’ve ever watched!) What are some shows ya’ll recommend for quarantine? Let’s discuss below – excited to hear from ya’ll! 

Until next time,


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