Perfectly Imperfect

Let me just begin this first Faith post by pointing out that I am an imperfect, flawed human being and my faith is not perfect! Yep, I go through seasons of staleness, where I feel disconnected from God and seasons where I feel incredibly joyful and content. I also go through periods of time where I’m just in the between – days where I feel like my faith is blossoming, and days where I feel like I’m a “bad” Christian for not having my QT, praying, reading my bible. Little things like that. 

Creating a blog is merely a means of embracing my imperfections and documenting my spiritual journey (and sharing my life story with ya’ll.) (ノ^_^)ノ

Stories Matter.

Being a lover of storytelling, I believe life is one big fat story waiting to be revealed. Stories matter, because they portray progress, inform and inspire. Every person’s story is important. Every person’s story matters. Your story is important. Your story matters. 

I’m hoping that my collection of thought processes, experiences and lessons God teaches me in the seasons to come will encourage and enlighten you (not to preach, force or persuade). Let’s go and discover more about who our Creator is and how he made us to be! 

Until next time,


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