A Change of Plan

The COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty to the world this year, and nobody could have been prepared for it. Often, in the midst of unexpected negative circumstances my first instinct is to panic. And even though I was raised in a household full of cool, calm and collected family members, it’s always a challenge for me to not hit the alarm button in my head and go crazy. 

To sum it up, I was supposed to do a lot of things this summer. I mean, a LOT. I had planned to study abroad for two months in London, hold an internship, and attend a seven-week acting training program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. However, all of that was cancelled/postponed indefinitely and as a result, the summer was looking p r e t t y bleak. Six weeks of Zoom University for BU left me feeling quite stale; the semester started at 100%, and then to nothing by the end of April. 

So, what now?

I had a conversation over Marco Polo (a wonderful video messaging app) with a dear friend and she was encouraging me to really take this time to press into the Lord and make this time in quarantine one that I would be proud of looking back on. COVID-19 is a stark reminder that we were never in control, and we’re always going to inevitably need to troubleshoot because the world is unpredictable. Instead of moping about my stolen summer, I really had to think – what now can I do to make this time productive? More so, how can I make this a moment to be proud of? 

Admittedly, it sucked not being able to go to London and having an abroad internship. However, I do believe when one door closes, God opens another one for you to go through. I had to quickly adapt to the current situation – a very empty, unplanned & seemingly unproductive four months of indoor summer. But because of this sudden uncalled for time of nothingness, I was able make use of my time in other areas I wanted to grow in and build myself towards a brand new direction. My sister happened to be in the midst of planning a YouTube channel launch, and as a student of medicine, she really didn’t know much about the communications world. Given my background in it, she quickly dubbed me a manager role and I found this to be a fabulous opportunity to enhance my videography and editing skills. Honestly, it was a nice alternative for the summer. Professional YouTubing can take up a grand amount of time, and you’re also learning new things as you’re doing it. Had there not been an uncalled for time of nothingness, managing a YouTube channel would’ve been impossible

Moral of the story: Just because your initial plans didn’t work out, it really doesn’t mean that there isn’t something better out there for you in the meantime. It’s because of all of this new time  I have on my hands, that I can truly, and finally explore things I’ve always been curious about but never had the right time for. So, dear friend, I’d like to encourage you to find something to invest your time in. Because now is the right time for that. What’s that thing you’ve been meaning to do? Did you want to start writing a script? Or start training for a marathon? Or… start a business?? It’s hard though, when everything around you is chaotic, isn’t it? That’s why it’s that much more important to reflect and discover, because how great would it feel when this is all over and you looked back and realized you really did make the most of the time either learning/discovering/adventuring new territories? You never know just how useful the things you learned during this time will be in your future. So take the bait and shoot for the sky – leave a comment and tell me what you want to do this summer!  

Until next time,


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