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Frugal yet Filling

Has anyone here wondered how they’re still making movies out there or whether or not production is still actively alive? You hear all these things saying production is moving forward with new restrictions, or the postponement of films that were supposed to be big hits this season (Mulan, I’m looking at you). Quarantine set a […]


You. You are unique. Your life matters. Your voice matters. You have a purpose.  You bring something different to the table.  You have something others don’t: your creativity, your thoughts, your ideas.  You are a light wherever you go. You were created by the Maker of the Heavens.  You are valuable.  You are not weak. […]

It’s okay to not be okay

It’s really okay. If you google “most common lie told” you get a bunch of pretty similar results. Perhaps the top lie ever told is “I’m good.” “I’m fine.” That everything is okay. When asked “how are you?” or “how has everything been so far?” Lots of people will respond with “Good!” or “It’s been […]